About 120 people attended our first GLAM dinner (I think!) mostly friends, and friends-of-friends. It was the most number of people Neil had ever hosted at Onyx, he had to rent extra plates, cutlery and chairs to accommodate everyone – it was a great first night.  That night we raised $3,080 for the YWCA Encore program, a pool based gentle exercise program for women who have had breast cancer.  They had recently lost their funding, and GLAM It Up For Charity was able to pay to keep it going for another year! Hurrah!

Michelle and I hosted this dinner as a way to give back – and have a fun night out with our girlfriends. It is a great excuse to gather your girlfriends together for a good cause.

And how GLAM has grown!

Thankfully, I don’t ‘do’ GLAM on my own. There are many people behind the scenes who help me each year, and I am very grateful for their generous support of me and of GLAM.  Each year, I am blown away by the kindness and generoisity of people – people who come along, people who help me gather great prizes, businesses who donate prizes, friends who help me stuff goodie bags, print prize lists and more (big love to Sal, Kym, Jo, Jess , Leisa, Kate, Tamara, Michelle and more!).  SACHA DRAKE is always a great supporter of GLAM, making me always feel extra glam in one of her beautiful dresses.  Thank you Sacha!

I work hard in the background to keep the GLAM ticket price low. I think a lot of people would like to support and attend charity events but can’t afford the $250+ ticket price.

GLAM is usually around $90 per ticket, which means it sells out super-fast. In 2016 and 2017, GLAM sold out in less than two days – so this year, you will need to get in quick!

The History of Glam

2019 - Zephyr Education Inc

$15,399 raised.

Funds raised at the 2019 dinner raised funds for Zephyr Education Inc who support kids affected by domestic violence by helping them get back to school ASAP.

2018 - Prince Charles Hospital Foundation and Critical Care Research

$50,005 raised.

Funds raised at the 2018 dinner raised funds for The Prince Charles Foundation and the Critical Care Research Team led by Professor John Fraser. I hope these funds have helped save lives.


2017- Global Sisters and The Romero Centre

$21,519 raised.

Funds raised at the 2017 dinner provided practical and emergency support for refugee and asylum seeking women and their families living in Brisbane.

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2016 - Orange Sky Laundry

$20,648 raised.

Funds raised at the 2016 dinner supported a new target service for women in Brisbane and Gold Coast.


2015 - Hummingbird House

$18,125 raised.

Funds raised at the 2015 dinner helped build the new hospice for Hummingbird House.


2014 - MND and Me Foundation

$14,217 raised.

Funds raised at the 2014 dinner bought communication devices for people with MND.


2013 - Second Chance Program

$9,379 raised.

Funds raised at the 2013 dinner put new kitchens in women’s homeless shelters/refuges.


2012 - Olive McMahon Lodge

$10,875 raised.

Funds raised at the 2012 dinner supported Olive McMahon Lodge, which provides free accommodation for people receiving cancer treatment in Toowoomba.

2011 - Mummy's Wish

$3,790 raised.

Funds raised at the 2011 dinner bought Teddy Bears for children of Mums with cancer.

2010 - YWCA Encore

$3,350 raised.

Funds raised at the 2010 dinner supported YWCA’s Encore Program in Queensland.

2009 - Mummy's Wish

$3,700 raised.

Funds raised at the 2009 dinner bought iPads / Computers for Mums in hospital receiving cancer treatment.

2008 - YWCA Encore

$3,300 raised.

Funds raised at the 2008 dinner supported the YWCA Encore Program in Queensland.

2007 - YWCA Encore

$3,080 raised.

Funds raised at the 2007 dinner supported a new Encore program at Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital.

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